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~ Your faith has healed you, go in peace. Luke 8:48 ~


 ~ New Coco Biotic Remineralizing Tooth Clay ~

 We at Syn's Essentials are honored to introduce our New Coco Biotic Remineralizing Tooth Clay! It's our perfected version of a daily personal care staple with a plethora of oral health benefits! Our Coco Biotic Remineralizing Tooth Clay is not only absolutely delicious, yes it's like brushing your teeth with mint chocolate cake batter with hints of coconut, but it has an array of oral care, hygiene, and health benefits. For starters we have formulated a Tooth Clay with the finest elements that offer yummy remineralizing, antibacterial, oral microbiome balancing properties that attacks harmful bacteria and provides a defense against tooth decay, plaque buildup, bad breath, gum inflammation, and cavity fighting benefits that leaves your teeth bright and polished for the most brilliant healthy smile. Did we mention it tastes divine! With a soothing and fresh taste of mint chocolate and a hint of coconut it makes brushing numerous times a day the perfect self care treat all in a fluoride free tooth clay! In addition to these incredible benefits, don't forget your daily flossing and weekly coconut oil pulling for optimal oral health. You've guessed it we have accessories!!! We now offer limited Earth friendly Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrushes that are chic and easy to use as well as Palm Leaf Dipping Spoons (not pictured) to keep our Tooth Clay free from bacteria, contamination, and free radicals. Yes we've thought of everything and we truly hope you enjoy our newest Natural Homemade Remedy! Available in an 8oz Jar.

 ~ Immunity Boost ~

Our first, "Immunity Boost" remedy was created about six years ago and has been perfected over the years for powerful Immune System Boosting brought to you in a raw liquid form by simple yet powerful ingredients. In a few quick daily shots your immune system will thank you for the added protection against common viral and bacterial infections that cut present colds in half when taken as directed. Our raw and natural ingredients provide antioxidants, antibacterial, and antifungal power packed benefits rich in vitamins with a strengthening balance to your immune system. Our Immunity Boost also stimulates the filtration of your lymphatic system and the gentle cleansing of your gut. With natural probiotic benefits your flora will feel well balanced. Our Loyal patrons have noticed weight loss after using our Immunity Boost after workouts as well as cleansing fasts. In our best efforts to maintain its integrity and potent benefits, there are no added artificial flavoring or sugars, and therefore retains its natural and strong flavor that packs a punch.  Advisably, best taken after a meal, (avoiding interaction with milk based products directly before or after use) about one to three shots for everyday Immunity Boosting and three to five shots for extra defense, when feeling under the weather. Our Immunity Boost is also safe for children over the age of one in lower doses and as always please verify there is no allergies to any listed ingredients. Always keep remedy refrigerated and well shaken before each dose. It is our passion to aid in and join you on your journey to health and wellness. Now available in 64fl oz., 32fl oz., and 16fl oz.

~ Revitalizing Epidermal Emollient ~

Our second " Revitalizing Epidermal Emollient" remedy was created about two years ago and provides soothing protection against the elements. Made with all natural and organic ingredients, your skin, face, hands, and yes even lips, will be left feeling soft, supple, moisturized, and glowing. The natural humectants and oils used provide a sealing absorption of moisture with antibacterial properties for added hygiene. Our Loyal Patrons have even mentioned lightening of dark spots and scarring benefits with their daily use of our Emollient. For dry skin, the softening of eczema, and skin lacking luster, apply a generous amount all over or on desired areas as much and as often as needed for continued soothing care. For normal to oily skin, apply a delicate amount as desired. Simply activate the warm healing properties by massaging our Revitalizing Epidermal Emollient into the palms of your hands for a smooth consistency before application. Due to the viscosity of the ingredients used, texture and color may vary (colder temperatures cause for a more dense and solid form, warmer temperatures cause for a more soft texture, and hot temperatures may cause Emollient to liquefy). As with any new products used please spot test a small patch of skin before use on full body.

~ Hair Repair & Growth Serum ~

Our third, but not final, "Hair Repair & Growth Serum" remedy does just that, aids in the repair and growth of your natural hair. Transforming the health of your hair by encouraging protein restoration, activating blood flow to hair follicles; leading to a stimulation of hair growth. After extended use, enjoy lustrous, shiny, healthy hair that not only works well on your hair but also on your eyebrows, eyelashes, beards, mustaches, (yes gentlemen this works for you too) and has even shown to support strong nail growth. Just use our Eyebrow and Eyelash Applicator wands (available only to our first set of loyal patrons) to apply after each facial wash, avoiding direct contact with eyes (do not use directly on waterline) and massage serum onto nail bed and cuticles as well. For each hair treatment, simply apply a few droppers full to your scalp in one inch sections and massage well for one to two minutes. Then comb excess through hair (we even do so with our hair upside down to ensure full coverage and blood circulation) and apply additional serum to strands that are still dry. Continue to comb our Hair Repair & Growth Serum through your hair until fully saturated. It is advisable to tie short hair back and wrap long hair in a bun while treatment is being used and kept in overnight, you may even keep the serum treatment in for up to three to five days, reapplying as needed, before washing. Please allow hair to air dry and refrain from overuse of heat for best results. After 3 months of use we noticed four inches of growth and stronger healthier hair with noticeably less hair fall, overall results do vary depending on the frequency of treatments, other products and styling tools used as well as different hair textures.

~ Bug Repellant Mist ~

Our Bug Repellant Mist helps to repel bug bites and stings with a safe formula that doesn’t harm the insect and also nourishes and cleanses the skin. Our formula is potent and may be diluted with a carrier oil or by adding more non-alcohol organic witch hazel. To ensure safety for all of our patrons we do not use any alcohol. To apply shake well,  adults- spray unto body, children- spray unto adults hands and apply/wipe directly on child's skin, do not spray, may use carrier oils or extra witch hazel to dilute formula. Infants, not intended for use under the age of one or pregnant women, babies one year and older, must dilute with a carrier oil and apply by wiping it unto babies skin, ensuring to avoid eyes, nose, mouth, as well as any body part that the baby puts into their mouth, ex: hands, fingers, toes, etc.  Warning: Do not ingest or inhale. Avoid spraying into or near eyes, nose, and mouth. Flush with cold water until formula is completely washed away if contact is made.  

~ Gift Certificates ~

What better way to show you care about your loved ones health and wellness than with Syn's Essentials by Earth & Gold Gift Certificates. Valid for all of Syn's Essentials products!

~ Gift Accessories Package ~

We are presently offering promotional prices on all of our products, as well as a Gift Accessories Package that include a Petite Mason Jar Shot Glass for our Immunity Boost (used to measure each dose and take it on-the-go), Eyebrow and Eyelash Applicator Wands with reusable Mesh Protectors for our Hair Repair & Growth Serum and Wooden Spatulas, all in a convenient burlap drawstring pouch (while supplies last), one per household order only. Order all three products to receive the complete complimentary set or purchase seperately. We are striving for a zero waste system and would like to offer our loyal patrons a discount for up-cycling their purchased product containers for personal use on future orders. All of our products come packaged in glass or tin containers that can be reused and even repurposed.

~ Complimentary Bible ~

We at Syn's Essentials will be giving away a Complimentary Bible (while supplies last) with each bulk or holiday order  (one per household). We take the wellness of our Spiritual Health quite seriously and what better way than with the Word of God. Abundant blessings this season!

Disclaimer: Syn’s Essentials products and advice are not intended for medical use or to replace professional medical advice nor is it endorsed by the FDA or private entities. Please use our products for its intended purpose at your discretion. With all new products please read all ingredients before use and test products on a patch of your skin to ensure there are no allergic reactions. Copyright trademark and patent pending.